Monday 12 August 2013

York March | Feet/shoes

My photography friend who helps me organise these photo day trips often comments how often I manage to photograph feet. It may seem rather strange but theres quite a vintage kitch look to these kinds of shots.

My fascination developed from researching kitch photos on Flickr. I became really inspired by that kind of vintage style photography. It’s also quite a common kind of style I find on Flickr.

It seems everyone wants to recreate the popular shot ideas. One of these ideas includes shooting your feet/shoes. Often the success of these shots depends on the backdrop and if you have an interesting pair of shoes. 

Part of the appeal for me is to document myself in these different places. An example of this is the photo of my boots. I’m standing next to an old box with red text written on. The red in the text worked nicely with the red in my trousers.

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