Monday 12 August 2013

York March | Shop window displays

I think my love for shopping and clothes is quite apparent in this post. It was nice to express myself through this theme of photography. 

I most enjoyed capturing images of different coloured jeans. The colours included pink, coral, yellow and blue and the effect of them together as a display was nice and vibrant.

I like the way the photos documented the time of year because of the summery clothes in the windows. Some of my other window display images were bold but included different colour palettes. This was most certainly the most colourful series from the trip in York. As you can see I love bright colours! :)

What colours do you prefer? Have you noticed any interesting window displays where you live or while you’ve visited another city?

York March | Reflections

Reflections are my all time favourite thing to photograph. They exist all over the place and through photography can often create interesting effects.

I most commonly find the best reflections in town centres mainly as shop windows are a great source. On this particular visit to York we stopped for lunch in a trendy cafe. We walked upstairs and the walls were made from aluminium. 

I developed some ideas for photos walking up which created a better feel of the cafe. After our lunch we walked back down and I took some more images with a slightly different effect. This included people walking past the shop and there reflections on the cafe walls. The stairs also added an interesting element.

Whats your favourite thing to photograph?

York March | Street photography

On this specific trip to York we spent quite a long time wandering around the center including the market. It was nice to be able to develop some of my street photography work.

One of my favourite images includes a woman with blue hair. I like the strong blue colour and the way it brings other blue elements in the picture together.

Another favourable image included in this post is one supposedly capturing people waiting for something. Initially I thought it maybe a bus but unfortunately didn’t spot a bus stop. I thought this kind of created an interesting curiosity for the viewer.

In the ‘waiting for something’ image what do you think they may have been waiting for?

Have you dabbled with street photography before?

York March | Food

Food can be a fun topic to photograph and it’s also a fairly easy to develop through image. Phone apps such as Instagram have made food photography very popular. I don’t have Instagram myself but often view related images through other kind of image sharing websites.

Often these kind of in cafe photos portray a part of the atmosphere of the photo days I’m apart of with other photography enthusiasts. When viewing other peoples food photos such as ones uploaded on Instagram I often get the same sentiment.

Do you have Instagram? Do you find yourself taking pictures of food and drink?

York March | Walls

Through the theme of walls I documented some interesting locations in York. I like cities such as York for their little alley ways and unusual buildings.

I favoured the photos I had taken of a red bricked wall. The surface was shiny and unusual which I liked. I tried to document this in a number of ways. 

I mainly experimented with angle by either using a short depth of field or taking images of the wall straight on. Using these two techniques worked well. Later I developed a monochrome alternative for a contrasting effect. 

I’ve included other photography ideas created around walls all with their own individuality. Let me know which is your favourite? Have you been to York and how did you find it?

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