Saturday 22 December 2012

Chickens Mayhem

Chickens make great pets and I find they are fantastic subjects to photograph. As a family we’ve kept chickens for a number of years and each chicken we have had has had its own character.

One day while it was pouring down with rain outside I decided to photograph our silky chickens because it looked miserable in the rain and the water drops had created a unusual and funky hair do. I found it rather humorous and certainly worth a caption.

On the same day I snapped a few pics of Rita are other chicken. Rita is very cheeky and on this particular day came right to the back door for some crackers. I love the expression on her face and the humorous mood of the photo.

Friday 21 December 2012

Richmond | The Magic Shop

The series of the magic shop were my most favourite to photograph and most commented on afterwards on Flickr, Facebook etc.

I have never been to such a wonderful, fairytale like shop. It was overflowing with jewels, treasures, antiques and mirrors. It was just fascinating and I hope this is what came across in the pictures I had taken.

I have been developing my product photography for a while now but this kind of work is kind of new to me. There were lots of things in the shot making the final images look quite busy.

I have been developing my product photography for a while now but this kind of work is kind of new to me. There were lots of things in the shot making the final images look quite busy.

This style of photography with lots of things happening at once in one image seemed to actually work quite nicely. I anticipate this inspiration will help me on future outings.

Richmond | Cuppa

I was pleasantly surprised how well these photos of the cup of tea came out. I think part of my success with these was the nature light coming in through the blinds creating an unusual effect.

I also like the candid quality to these series. From looking at these images, its noticeable its some sort of meet up with a group of people and a kind of story unravels.

The monochrome versions really appealed to me and enhanced the feeling in the picture. I also include a colour image which gave a more light-hearted finished look.

Richmond | Hands

You can tell quite a bit from someone’s hands, just like their shoes which I mentioned. Shoes and hands have become a topic I frequently photograph.

From these shots of hands I took at Richmond, someone’s age and mood has been portrayed. I also included other items within the photograph such as a cup of tea, a camera etc.

From being part of many photography trips, I have become more consistent with my ideas. I always like to try out new things as well as try more developed topics I have explored previously. Both of these are very important to me and I believe has helped me enhance my skills.

Richmond | Shoes

Taking pictures of peoples shoes is an interesting way to portray someone’s character on camera. Take for example my friend Gilly, she’s a shoe lover and on the day she turned up in some funky zebra shoes. They showed her fun personality.

I was also lucky enough to spot a little girl with some fantastic red Dorothy type shoes. She was wearing them with rainbow tights. In addition her guardian was wearing some bright mustard yellow flares. This was a really fun subject to photograph.

Richmond | Toys

I was pretty lucky to get this shot of the Toy Story Woody doll because there were lots of people around about watching the fun run I didn’t want to be seen. Also the young boy walked off with his Mum just after I had taken the photo.

I love the thrill of street photography and even though most of the time the people aren’t obviously recognisable I find it challenging but in a really fun way.

Richmond | Far away people

This series of photographs were really fun to take. Most of them were taken from the top of the castle or through the narrow windows.

The people from down below seemed small like little figures. The grass featured in a couple of the shots looked quite bizarre which I’m not sure why but added a unique quality to the final image.

Richmond | Buildings

There were lots of interesting buildings in Richmond and most of them were very old.  The castle windows were interesting to photograph because of the light that came into the castle and what I see from peering out of the windows.

I frequently choose a short depth of field to highlight the foreground and blur out the background. This worked well for some of my buildings photographs.

Richmond | The People Project

While visiting the castle we observed a run that was taking place. There were lots of people about either participating or watching the event. 

I liked developing images of the crowds, using focus as a way to make it more abstract and interesting. There were also many tourists about and I used this as an idea for my shots also.

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