Sunday 20 January 2013

Rain In Saltburn | Groceries

This theme was fairly new to me and I had fun developing it. I had taken this range of pictures in a space of about five minutes. I collected a mixture of up close and wider angle. 

The fruit shop window display was colourful in contrast to the dull looking day. I paid attention to the signs and found a Christmas red apples sign. Unusual details added interest and I liked the contrasting idea of the red apples sign that had been written in blue pen.

Rain In Saltburn | Street Photography

I found a brand new neon orange scarf which had left behind by the seafront. I approached it with curiosity; a story seemed to develop around this scarf which I tried to translate into image form.

The scarf was untouched and in perfect condition yet the rain was heavy suggesting it had been left behind quite recently. I favoured the wider angle picture so I could include the bench and other close by things.

Also the smaller details in the picture could be spotted in time, for example the scarf and tiny rain drops on the railings.

Rain In Saltburn | Dogs

I love photographing dogs when I visit Saltburn with my camera. Most days the dogs I meet are eager to have their photograph taken and on this occasion I managed to produce a few typical portraits.  

But the weather was very dreary and many of the dogs looked wet and fed up. I decided to capture this instead which made the final shots unlike others I had previously taken. There was humour involved and I had fun with it!

Rain In Saltburn | Abstract

This is one of my most fun series from this Saltburn visit. I included lots of clashing bright colours and patterns. The window display photos demonstrated this kind of feel the most. The result was quite unconventional and I felt made quite a statement.

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