Sunday 26 June 2011

Redecorating – A photography Project

These images came about when we were having our new bathroom fitted. Mid-building we had all the tiles stripped off and I noticed the builder’s ladder looking very arty against the wall.

So as I had my camera handy, I made it into a little project. I took them using my fujji camera. I later edited the images making them monotone.

This is an example of one of those occasions when it’s important to seize the moment – hope you like my snaps ; )

Red Rose – Inspired flower photography

These images are from a rose bush, by the allotments, about a couple of minutes walk from my house. Looking out my bedroom window, I saw the red roses in the distance. I’d been eyeing them from my window but only just recently decided to walk down to take photographs.

Unfortunately when I got closer, the roses were slightly wilting; however I got my Fuji camera out and started snapping. I was particularly pleased with about four of the photographs I took, taking roughly eighty altogether.

These are the few I thought looked most interesting....

Pink Paparazzi – Inspired art project

One of my favourite forms of medium, when creating art work is collage.  I enjoy cutting snip-it’s from different magazines and editing, making them my own cool, bright collage images.

This project theme consisted of beauty and celebrity magazines; I found a particularly inspiring image of Cheryl Cole, being bombarded by paparazzi. I decided to incorporate ideas from this article into my art work.

I put my own signature style onto the images, for example, I used bright day-glow colours and one of my favourite Photoshop functions, blending modes. I use ‘multiply’ quite often because it allows you to blend a number of images together through the use of layers.

As always my images are available on flickr and my professional facebook page, please write to me, if you have a question or comment ; )

Friday 24 June 2011

Durham Vintage Bus Rally

I was invited to this event through a friend, we went as a group as a day out. I along with others brought my camera; I thought it would be great to make the most of the photographic opportunities. There were lots of interesting things to photograph because the buses were really unusual.

Unfortunately the weather was really bad, we went on father’s day and it was pouring it down. However I made the rain a fun element, within my photographs from the day.

Despite the weather, I had lots of fun and I was also pleased with how my photographs came out, particularly the ones of the rain as well as some of the vintage bus shots.

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