Wednesday 22 December 2010

General Goals For Next Year Onwards

1.)    Get an image on flickr explored
2.)    Try to get a gallery in explore
3.)    Organise a fashion shoot for the kids at the youth group
4.)    Do a craft session or another fun activity with the kids at the youth group.
5.)    Get  100 visits on my blogs
6.)    Cook dinners for family and friends
7.)    Organise a come dine with me party
8.)    Sell artwork/cards online
9.)    Take some photography portraits
10.)    Make homemade pizza
11.)    Research into fun courses
12.)    Join an art group
13.)    Put together some new outfits together from my wardrobe
14.)    Make a new friend
15.)    Go out and take photographs in the woods with mums friend.
16.)    Collect and read books/ visit the library van
17.)    Make gifts special with my creative streak and nice wrapping paper, ideas etc
18.)    Create an inspiration blog with all things that inspire me, images from other people!
19.)    Get back into horse riding and more long term, aim towards entering into a small competition.
20.)    Recycle/reuse and save money as much as possible.
21.)    Have another card stall
22.)    Go to a craft event or interesting table top sale.
23.)    Dog walk
24.)    Take pictures of animals
25.)    Try a new restaurant/bar with friends
26.)    Continue writing ideas in my journal
27.)    Buy a Polaroid camera
28.)    Visit the Baltic art museum
29.)    Go to the Mima life drawing class with a friend
30.)    Update my portfolio with work from 2010
31.)    Aim towards new material for my portfolio.
32.)    Make 16 cards for dave
33.)    Try a new craft
34.)    Grow cress and make nice sandwichs/ Look up interesting sandwich recipes.
35.)    Watch master chef/ready steady cook and other cooking shows.
36.)    Make and design own card images/decoupage sheets
37.)    Change main professional website to my current professional blog.
38.)    Keep fit with wii sports and improve fitness age
39.)    Continue to go to yoga and improve in the classes
40.)    Visit an interesting museum
41.)    Enter an art competition
42.)    Try reading a new magazine (scrapbooking/fashion/interest)
43.)    Go to a vintage shop/interesting charity shop
44.)    Buy a music album I wouldn’t normally listen to.
45.)    Look up and watch arty TV programmes/films
46.)    Add more friends on my professional facebook page
47.)    Make a new photo montage
48.)    Update my amazon wish list
49.)    Apply for Teesside uni summer courses
50.)    Find 10 amazing blogs and write up a review for them on my blog
51.)    Write a plan/idea list for getting a job
52.)    Sell art work and cards with TS1 gallery
53.)    Find five new ways to make use of my sewing machine
54.)    Get into scrapbooking
55.)    Go to a dance class
56.)    Go clubbing with friends
57.)    Go on a holiday weekend to York with friends
58.)    Do some photo-shop tutorials online
59.)    Make handmade gift tags
60.)    Create a small canvas collage
61.)    Collect cool snippets from magazines
62.)    Make bookmarks for friends and family
63.)    Do some paid and non paid freelance work
64.)    Make my own wrapping paper
65.)    Create some tutorials for my blog visitors
66.)    Design some original and classy envelopes for my cards
67.)    Send off for free samples
68.)    Send off for free wallpaper samples
69.)    Get some free paint colour charts and use them creatively
70.)    Get fit
71.)    Make a letter in the style of ransom with letter cuttings
72.)    Try multiple exposure on a professional camera
73.)    Write into card making and papercraft with a letter
74.)    Create a inspiration mood board
75.)    Research PayPal and learn about how to use it as a online business.
76.)    Read up about starting up your own business.
77.)    Review and look up books on
78.)    Make a list of possible occupations for myself
79.)    Look up fashion designers and make a top 5 list
80.)    Practice artist books and book making
81.)    Go to craft days available in the village
82.)    Visit any local exhibitions
83.)    Update my CV
84.)    Make a game for every youth group session.
85.)    Continue to go to the craft group, learn new crafts.
86.)    Make friends on flickr.
87.)    Research best art forums and join in topics that I have an interest in.
88.)    Make a poster to advertise myself as a designer/photographer and put it in the shop window or    

          the glass cabinet near the top shops.
89.)    Babysit
90.)    Take pictures for Messy Church.
91.)    Draw and paint.
92.)    Research into photography groups.
93.)    Help Mum with her online creative stuff.
94.)    Make a youtube video
95.)    Go for a posh meal
96.)    Buy a new party dress
97.)    Write a poem or story
98.)    Look up lyrics to favourite songs
99.)    Network/ make friends online
100.)    Learn a new skill

Snow Patrol

SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! And MORE SNOW! Just when I thought it had all gone, it came back. Anyway I decided to go out in my garden again. I love experimenting with unusual abstract shots. I haven’t done much editing on them other than ‘auto colour’ on PhotoShop. Let me know what you think guys xxxx

Thursday 16 December 2010

Using My Scanner To Make Art!

In the lead up to Christmas, I thought I would do some festive images that get people in the Christmas mood. I’ve still tried to make my images as quirky and different as I usually do. I used Christmas decorations and scanned them into my scanner with the top open and then I did some PhotoShop editing. Please tell me what you think!

Christmas Card Project Finished

These are some of the cards I gave to my relatives. I’ve spent more time on these ones and made them extra special. I really hope they like them, I’ve worked hard on them. As you may have noticed I’ve used my winter photography to enhance the originality of the cards.

There are still more cards to put on my blog however you may seem them at a later point to keep it a surprise to my relatives. However I’ve now FINISHED my Christmas card project. I’ve really enjoyed it and learned new skills and improved!

Thursday 9 December 2010

Recycling Old Cards

I’ve almost finished my Christmas card project. These cards I have recycled to make eco cards. These cards are for everyday purposes. Soon I will be making special cards for close family and friends so keep tuned!

Sunday 5 December 2010

Making the most of the bad weather!

I’ve been working on some more photography this weekend and wanted to make the most of the snow. I was lucky because today the snow has started to melt a bit.

I think the snow has given me a fantastic opportunity and making the most of my photography. It makes a nice change to take pictures in the snow instead of for example the sun.

I hope you like my pictures, please feel free to comment on them = )

Friday 3 December 2010

More snow!!!!!!!

Yes we’ve had more snow in New Marske. I woke up this morning and looked out the window and more snow had fallen. I was supposed to be going to a cooking class tomorrow however because so much snow has fallen it’s been cancelled. I bought £20 worth of cooking ingredients as well; maybe I’ll make the recipes at home!

Because I’ve been stuck inside yesterday and today I’ve been working on some party games for my Christmas party. I’ve also been in the garden taking winter pictures again. By the way the women in the picture is my Mum, she was also taking pictures!!

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