Saturday 22 February 2014

Traditional Shots of Flowers

This blog post includes a series of flowers from our garden about a year ago that I’ve only just managed to post. I love the continuous use of bright colours in this series. The boldness of the orange and red is just perfect for this time of year to cheer people up. In fact these images may be going on cards; they have that kind of look.

I love springtime in the garden and it’s probably the best time to get these kinds of flowers in bloom. I did little editing but sometimes I brighten up the image if necessary. I think the weather was fairly good at the time and the sunlight naturally enhanced the photos.

Let me know what you think. Do you photograph nature and flowers?

Traditional Shots of Chickens

A few blog posts back I posted some abstract shots of our chickens. I decided to blog my pet chickens again but with a more traditional feel. I also included Jean our little bantam this time.

We actually keep three bantams. They all look identical so we named them Jean, Jean and Jean. The breed is called silky and they have soft white feathers.

The silkies are quite shy and kind of hide behind Rita who is a regular breed of chicken. Chickens can be tamed but most are afraid of humans. Rita only comes close if you have biscuits or crackers.

To achieve close up shots I mostly use my telephoto lens. I use this lens for a lot of animal work as it makes the process a lot easier. Hope you like the photos!

Thursday 20 February 2014

Chickens Exploring

I’m always taking new photographs of our pet chickens but this series has a slightly different style. I experimented with the angle of the shot for example from behind the chicken to create the illusion of walking along beside the chicken. 

Additionally I was very low to the ground when photographing. In the first shot the angle is at ground level to get the feeling of being close to the chicken.

I experimenting with focus quite a bit also. Having a very short depth of field and picking out unusual elements to focus on in the photo worked nicely.

With the combination of unusual angles, short depth of field and enhanced colours the effect created looks quite vintage and ethereal. I like how the three images work together to tell a story.

Damson Tree

These photos of our damson tree I had taken last year around April time. The tree was really pretty while in flower and I created some interesting effects using a shorter depth of field on my camera. 

I developed the look of the images in Photoshop by enhancing the tones mainly bringing out the pink/purple in the image. The images work well as a series too and I may use a couple on cards.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Old Roses

A relative of mine received a bunch of beautiful flowers and to be a bit different I decided to capture some of them after they started wilting. I loved the unusual effect created and the mood captured. The purples and pink hues worked well also.


Another Easter themed blog post from last year. My neighbour Vera and I went out looking for daffodils in our little village. Vera wanted to get some photos for the village newsletter. 

We found lots and lots of daffodils dotted in different places. Unfortunately a lot the flowers were a bit past it and struggled to get some which were at their peak.

Regardless here are the best photos from the day. I got a couple which look ok and a photo of a cat, random I know but we saw it when walking!

Food Photography | Baking Time

Here are some oldies from Easter time last year inspired mainly by food but also by documentary photography. My mum was doing some baking and suggested that the arrangement of her cooking equipment might work well as photographs. 

I’ve wanted to do this kind of work with food for a while and taking some after my Mum had done some Easter baking worked out. I like the photography style that comes across, just capturing whats there and I also experimented with macro photography a little. They also seem to work nicely as a series.

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