Thursday 1 November 2012

Abstract Lilac Flower Project – Part 2

Following the previous blog post, this is the second part to the lilac flower project. Again I’ve used short depth of field and pastel colours to create an abstract look.

These images were taken in my garden but creating a hazy style background these images could be used for greeting cards and promotional material.

Abstract Lilac Flower Project – Part 1

This collection of images was inspired by pastel colours and small depth of field. I’ve developed an abstract and arty style for many of these images in this photo album. I choose pretty pastel colours and I thought these images would look lovely on greetings cards.

Messy Church September 2012

For anyone of you who hasn’t read my previous Messy Church blog posts I will let you know what it is. It’s run by my local church and aimed at children and their parents. The event is run every six weeks and each session families learn about different stories in the bible through arts and crafts.

I volunteer at the event, I help organise the different tasks and talk to the families. I also take photographs for the event for the use of the church and to develop my portfolio.

Guisborough Walk

I don’t go to Guisborough that often however it’s a lovely place to visit. I drove there one day to visit a friend. We walked around town, got some lunch a Sky Blue Red Studios and visited the priory.

I had taken my SLR but only took a few images on this occasion, mainly in the Priory area. The weather was wonderful and the day out was very pleasant.

Saltburn & Kirkleathem Day Out – Saltburn Pier

Each time I visit Saltburn, I always try to visit the pier. Although it has been photographed many times before, I try my best to create images which are original.

Its fun to look at the knitted characters and it’s always great to walk to the end of the pier, even if at times it’s quite cold. This trip I developed a variety of shots on the pier, including ideas such as reflections and people of the pier. 

There’s a bit of a sigma about shooting strangers even with street photography being so popular. Because of this I tend to take unidentifiable shots, for example framing just their feet or hiding their face. It can be a challenge but I find street photography very enjoyable.

Saltburn & Kirkleathem Day Out – Saltburn Beach

I remember it being great weather on the day and there were loads of people enjoying the sun on the beach and seafront. I wanted to capture the amount of people of the beach too. 

I explored taking photos of the people from the pier which gave me a high angle, and many of the people in the shots are unidentifiable for this reason.

Saltburn & Kirkleathem Day Out – Dog

These dog photos were taken towards the end of the day when we were walking back and actually the ones I was most pleased with from the trip.

The stance of the dog is interesting and I liked the way the owner is hidden behind a street lamp. Another image I took included a old man and his dog. I choose to take it from the bottom of some steps; this created an unusual framing device and interesting angle.

Saltburn & Kirkleathem Day Out – Other

We walked through the park area in Saltburn which is where I had taken these rose photos. The orange colour is fantastic and even though the petals were wilting slightly it made an interesting image.

The image of the fish I had taken by the fish and chip shop. If you live in the Saltburn area, the design may be quite well known to you. I think it’s a lovely drawing that I thought was worth capturing.

Saltburn & Kirkleathem Day Out – Dave

This is the first blog post from a Saltburn/Kirthleathem photography outing with my friend Dave. We visited Kirthleathem, where there was a great exhibition on and then we went to Saltburn seafront where there was other events happening.

I was quite impressed with the Saltburn photography society exhibition which was open on the seafront. There was some exceptional work and the people minding it were very friendly.

Shetland Sheep Dogs & Kleinspitz – Pet Shoot

A family friend had asked me to take some pictures of her wonderful dogs. The Shetland sheep dogs and kleinspitz are very photogenic and are kept in tip top condition. They are very well behaved and easy to shoot. The newest member of the family, a light coloured Kleinspitz is gorgeous and has such a lovely face.

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