Sunday 23 January 2011

Double Twisted Easel Card

One of the ladies at the Wednesday craft class was making a double twisted easel card; I was inspired to find out how they were created so she helped me make my own. During the class I created a basic template for the double twisted easel card. When I got home I started designing from the basic template. 

I came up with three designs. One of them I modified by making the easels face outwards. This was easily achieved through scoring the creases to face inwards on the initial template.

I think through learning this technique I have gained more confidence and made a leap forward with the cards I’ve created. Please let me know if you like them!


  1. love your cards, can you explain how you made the template?

  2. I have a template I could email you?

  3. Helen, I would love to receive your template. Thanks.

  4. email me your email address to and ill do that for you X

  5. Hi Helen I'm a beginner crafter and your my inspiration for all my cards so far I oh made basic card shapes but please could you em Ali me the template for the easel cards also as I have tried doing it off hand it isn't working for me x my email is whiteemma318@gmail.Con hope your enjoying g your crafting with this lockdown as there nothing much else we can do stay safe and thank you for your amazing inspirational cards xx


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