Monday 28 February 2011

On Your Wedding Day

Yesterday I had been working on an ‘On Your Wedding Day’ card for one of my relatives. I tried to make it extra special and took more time on it. I went with a pink and pastel theme, using recycled cards for from mum and Dad’s wedding. Funnily enough they found them stacked up and said that I could reuse them and cut them up! They had a vintage feel to them and looked very different from modern day bought cards. 
I think the vintage theme suits a wedding card quite well and decorated around the main image with complementary peel offs and paper punch outs. I made a feature of the inside of the card, making a pop up heart detail. In addition I lined the handmade envelope with floral paper!

Saturday 26 February 2011

Blocks, Waves and layers – Latest Art

I created these images by drawing and scanning them to put onto Photoshop. Very often I just go with the flow and often don’t know what kind of image I’m going to end up with, that’s one of the reasons I enjoy it so much! I tend to make series of images and pick the best ones to put online. I love big, bold and bright, anything that’s a bit different. I’ve wrote to a local gallery to see whether I can sell some of my work there, however they haven’t got back to me yet!

Life in Colour

I’ve become an abstract art nut! I love making images that you can’t quite tell what there about, I love it question and play with shapes and colour! I’ve done the same piece of art in three colour palettes, please vote your favourite! ; )


Yesterday I went to Stockton with Dave my photography friend; we visited the Infinity Bridge. I’ve been once before with my friends at uni but until yesterday I hadn’t been on the bridge, as before it was still being built. 

The bridge has some really interesting abstract shapes and is a great piece of art. Luckily, we went when the sky was really bright, causing contrast and great photos. I tried to be as versatile and original with my shots, as the bridge is a classical landmark and has been shot many times before. 

I think my favourite shots of the bunch were the ones with the family silhouette; these ones were taken just before we left and the sun was going down.

Kisses, Stars and Yellow

I made cards that have my own art work on, I’ve mixed the art designs with paper punches, and peel offs, recycled old cards. The colours are very bold and eye-catching. I think I’ve gained more confidence in just doing my own thing and these have been really enjoyable to make.

Women’s Group – Art and Craft

I attended an Art and Craft session which is part of a women’s group in Redcar. I had lots of fun with it. I didn’t have all my normal materials I am familiar with but there were lots of new materials to play with.  I use old cards, coloured card and that sort of thing. I made three cards which I am fairly happy with.

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