Wednesday 19 October 2011

Saltburn – Dogs on the Beach

From the day, this subject matter was most fun and appealing to work with. There was certainly a lot of potential for dog pictures on the day, there were many owners with dogs on the beach and seafront.

I was most pleased with the work I produced with King Charles Spaniels for the reason that the ideas behind the shots were not like anything I had created before.

While in Saltburn I approached a couple of dog owners with my business card, hoping for some interest in my pet portraiture work. If you would like a pet portrait please feel to drop me an email at

Saltburn – Traditional

I had a few more traditional shots from the day and I decided most of these look best in colour because of the green, brown and grey tones.

Every time I come to Saltburn I try to take original images, this can be hard sometimes, particularly because Saltburn is such an iconic place to photograph.

My favourite traditional shot from the day is the seaweed because I hadn’t previously photographed seaweed many times before. I like the textures and natural colours in the image.

Saltburn – Surfing

Saltburn is a key spot for surfers who come from all over. It was very windy the day when we visited Saltburn; we saw lots of people taking advantage of this with kites and surfers on the beach.

I’ve posted a selection of the shots I took of people surfing. I’ve edited some of the photos on Photoshop, mainly just to change some to monochrome. The mono shots seem to be my favourite and look most striking.

Digital Cards Project – A New Idea

Just recently I made a collection of digital cards for a friend. The idea behind them is to use Photoshop, create cards on there as A4 and print them out. For this particular project, the cards were A5 (A4 folded in half).

I was delighted with the results so aim to use this idea in the further. My plan is to make digital miniature Christmas cards and sell them as a pack on Etsy.

I’ve posted the cards I’ve made. I made them as a set of fifteen, each with a different design on them. All the art work used on the cards is designed and made by myself.

Monday 17 October 2011

Etsy: Mocha Colours Premium Christmas Cards Pack of 3 (£12.00)

This is my latest edition to my Etsy site. Christmas isn’t too far off and I’ve decided to get busy on my homemade Christmas cards. These cards are sold as a pack of three, great for close relatives/friends who deserve to be a spoilt a bit!

I think these cards have really developed in sophistication, I’ve been doing cards along time and I believe I’ve improved a lot since I first started. 


Etsy: Pink Doodle Birthday Greetings Card (£4.00)

This is a very unusual template that I’ve just recently started working with and it was very fun to do. The card neatly folds up, so it can fit in an envelope.

The design includes my own art work which I have printed on photographic paper for the purpose of this card. It’s bright and cheerful and perfect for a girl of any age.


Etsy: Pretty Flowers Photography Greetings Card (£4.00)

This pretty pink and lilac gateway card could be used for a range of purposes. The blank inside, makes this card very versatile. The subtle colour palette on the card and photograph add a very sophisticated feminine style. If you have a female relative or friend that is those things, this could be a great buy!


Etsy: Red Rose Photography Greetings Card (£4.00)

This card would make a lovely romantic gesture for lots of occasions, such as birthdays, valentines, an anniversary, wedding and more! If you have a special someone, this card might be a great way to tell them how you feel.

I took this photograph of the red rose in my village allotments. I believe the short depth of field in the image works well and the vivid red adds a romantic feel.


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