Friday 15 June 2012

The Nice Weather – Traditional Shots

Included in this blog post are some traditional nature and flower photographs. There are some very vibrant colours, I wanted evoke the feeling from the lovely weather we had that day. I’ve incorporated bright yellows, greens and pinks.

The Nice Weather – More Abstract

These were taken on one of the hottest days I can remember from this year. It was beautiful and sunny and it was lovely to get outside to take a few snaps.

Here is a selection of abstract shots from the project. Mostly I’ve included shots experimenting with depth of field. I also played around with shadows on a fence too. 

Experimentation with tree branches

On the day I had taken these photos I was in quite an experimental mood. I enjoy playing with shape, texture and abstract form. The colour scheme consisted on khakis, purples and other moody colour tones. 

After putting some of these images up online I got quite a mixed reception. I think my style of photography can sometimes be an acquired taste; particularly my fine art and more abstract shots.

My favourite shot from the bunch is the image of green leaves with the light shining through. Looking back at the shot I might have cropped right into it however the original effect looks quite appealing too.

Pink Petals - Part 2 Photography

I visited the same tree again just outside where I live. The petals had already fallen on the ground. There were lots of fantastic opportunities for photographs. I seemed to have captured the scene at just the right time.

On the ground there was a carpet of pink petals, it was so beautiful. I was outside crouching on the fall with my new camera and the neighbours walked past thinking I was rather strange.

I laughed and explained I was taking pictures of the petals with my new camera. They seemed really interested, told me what a good idea it was and to carry on.

Biscuit love – The chickens & more photography

My family and I own chickens and we keep them in the back garden. There lovely pets and are very photogenic. Often my brother and I feed the chickens biscuits at the back door.

I was outside taking pictures and my brother was feeding Rita and Julie. My camera was all set up so I took some pics of the humorous scene.

Rita is the cheekiest chicken out of the bunch; she’s very sociable and comes just inside the kitchen door when she knows she might get a cracker or piece of bread.

I’ve also included some other nature shots in the garden. There is a few of the chickens and also plants etc. Let me know what you think!

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