Wednesday 29 February 2012

Easter Cards Project Update

For the past week or so I’ve been working on an Easter cards project. I’m roughly half way through and have completed twelve Easter cards at 75p each. My Mum had asked me to make some for her with a smaller budget to hand out to her friends.

For these cards I mainly used recycled materials to cut down on costs and for each card I used just an A5 sheet. I actually had a lot of fun producing them, there was not as much pressure for them to be spot on, but the designs looked really cute.

Handmade Card Toppers

I made two card toppers at a creative crafts workshop near where I live. The idea is quite effective and there fun to make too! There was a range of designs, but the crazy glasses and present template appealed to me most.

Although, they were described as card toppers, these designs could be used for a number of other purposes. I think these items would be useful to decorate wrapped presents, stuck on in a decorative way.

The templates were ready cut out however sticking it together was quite tricky. Decorating it was really fun as we used coloured chalks. I included patterned paper and peels offs to complete the design.

Greetings Cards Update: Feb

There are a range of designs I’ve been working on this month. Most of them are quite special cards which I’ve spent quite some time on. I’ve included three of these cards in my blog post, the Easter cards will be blogged separately.

I made a double twisted easel card with a pink and green colour combo. I began making this card at the craft group, a mentor at the group suggested I tried decoupage on one of the squares.  

I had enough paper to do this and after completing the card, was pleased with the effect because it made the card look much more sophisticated.

I completed monochrome photography card, including my image of York Cathedral. I used black and white colours to compliment the design. It has been suggested this card would be a great male Valentines card, but I decided to give it to our local vicar as she is moving away.

The last of the bunch, I made a Mother’s Day card for my Nan. This card was very time-consuming and quite difficult to make. It was the first of this template I had done.

I used two pennies as a weight so the sunflower rotates round and round when sliding across. I completed the card at Creative Crafts; they had a lovely choice of papers and card toppers. Although it was quite hard work to make, I’m very pleased with the design.

Valentine’s Day Cards

I know Valentines has been and gone, however decided to blog later so it wouldn’t spoil the surprise. I made two very intricate template cards for valentines. Both designs are very different, one female and one male.

I made both of these at a workshop called Creative Crafts.  The process of making them was fairly simple, not as complex as other templates I’ve done in the past, although the outcome is very classy looking. I made these cards to sell, each at £4.00 as a lot of work had gone into them.

Greetings Cards Update: Jan

I haven’t blogged my handmade greetings cards for ages, but thought I would take today as an opportunity to upload some of my latest cards.

I have been continuing to go to craft classes on a weekly basis. I like to get new ideas and feedback and by attending classes, I gain lots more motivation.

For a while now, I’ve been developing certain style of card which includes my photography, making each card more original and special.

I coordinate the colours in the photo to match the rest of the design. The main focus on these cards is the image, and the rest of the card only needs to be quite simple.

Sunday 19 February 2012

Traditional York

While in York, we visited some of the main attractions, for example the cathedral, Clifford’s tower and the walls. I found it fun, to include twists of very traditional photographic spots.

The cathedral is a much photographed subject, but I noticed others in the group, used a 3D map nearby, and experimented with contrast of scale achieving more creative images.

Using some of the intricate patterns on the walls of the cathedral was another point of focus. I found an different spot in York, and photographed the cathedral from a distance, using layers of different buildings in the foreground.

Bikes are quite a landmark in the centre of York; I walked over to some bikes tied up, and experimented with composition, achieving interesting effects.

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