Saturday 23 April 2011

Line Drawings

These images I created, were inspired from original line drawings. I drew shapes, patterns and lines and later added colour and slight touching up on Photoshop.

I layered the original drawings, creating a repetition of shapes from one original; this was achieved by using blending modes.

I choose bright lime and lavender colours to the background, to make the images look fresh and bright!

Monday 11 April 2011

Lily and Ben – photography shoot

I worked with Lily and Ben for a portrait photography shoot. They are my friend’s children and I had so much fun working with them. I was mainly taking pictures of lily, because my friend wanted a portrait for Lily’s 1st birthday. It’s one of my first paid shoots; I’ve only done one shoot with another youngster before, called Leah.
I’ve realised I really enjoy photography kids, it can be challenging sometimes but I’m pleased with how Lily’s photographs have turned out. While I was at the shoot, I used a white throw to put over a sofa. I later did some photoshoping, just on the throw and background to make them less obvious.

These are the pictures; let me know what you think!

Newcastle and Gateshead Trip

Just recently I went to Newcastle with a photography friend. I took my Fuji camera and went around some of the local key spots taking some photography.
We went to the Baltic art museum. I love going there because there is always something interesting going on. Originally it was a old flour mill but they turned it into a contemporary art gallery. There are five floors in the Baltic, a different exhibition on each.

We also went across the millennium bridge and around the sage area. I noticed there was some graffiti behind the sage, which I have never noticed before until then. It was fantastic, walls and walls of really great graffiti. In some of my shots, I included this. 

Anyway these are the photographs I took, please feel free to leave comments! 

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