Saturday 19 May 2012

Newcastle in April – Colour Block & Silhouette

These photos kind of tell a bit of a story and many of the shots include the people I was with on the day. Mixing silhouettes with colour block seemed to be an interesting combination.

We walked towards an underground area with brightly coloured walls. It gave me lots of opportunities to experiment, and I got a range of shots. I decided to put them together as they work well as a series.

Newcastle in April – Street Photography

I had so much fun this time round, when visiting Newcastle with my photography friends. I think I’m getting more confident with street photography as a genre and my new telephoto lens was helpful too.

There’s a particular shot which I favour from this bunch. Included in the shot, is a man with a brown coat, walking his dog.

It’s a wider shot, including other people in the city. I like the different elements working together in the shot and the fact only one face in the crowd is visible.

Newcastle in April – Odd but interesting

I like to test boundaries with my work, and I enjoy experimenting with ideas, some quite humorous. I have dedicated this blog post to shots which are kinda quirky and a little weird. I hope you like them!

Newcastle in April – Reflections

On Sundays Newcastle have a market by the millennium bridge. As a photography group, we’ve visited it before. You may remember from previous blogs posts there was an interesting mirror stall. We visited it again and I got a couple of new shots.

We walked nearer the centre of Newcastle. We went on a bit of a search for interesting locations, some back alleys and stairs included. From this, I got one or two nice reflection shots.

Newcastle in April – Classic

This blog post has been dedicated to classic shots from the Newcastle trip. A few of these pics have a nautical theme. 

We started at Gateshead and then walked into the centre of Newcastle. I got most of my classic shots by the millennium bridge and around that area. There were lots of things going on around the river including a market which was really interesting.

On a particular shot, I experimented with selective colour, a feature I’ve come across recently on my new camera. I highlighted a red life raft and this looked quite effective.

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