Saturday, 19 May 2012

Newcastle in April – Typography

This was the first occasion I took out my new Nikon. I was a little nervous taking it out. It’s a lot bigger than my bridge camera, a lot heavier too.

And obviously I was still getting used to how to use it. I picked things up a lot quicker than I first imagined, it just felt like my bridge camera but loads better!

I’ve categorised this blog post, as Typography. With my Graphic Design background, I enjoy working with typography. In the centre of Newcastle, there was quite a lot to choose from!

There is a group of us that visit different places with our cameras. I always enjoy these trips with other photographers as If I go out with my other friends, they tend to get bored quicker.

With my photography friends, we spend a day, finding great spots and most times I get a great selection of shots I’m pleased with.

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