Friday 29 July 2011

The self portrait

This blog was inspired by many on flickr who use the self portrait as a way to communicate what there about for either a profile image or art work for there flickr page and facebook etc.

I haven’t took many natural type of self portraits before, these ones I took are quite classic where as normally I tend to make them more arty or wacky, for example I did a self portrait way back, of my odd socks on the washing line which shares something about me to other people.

These are less wacky, and more natural. I use my bathroom because the lighting coming in by the window was unusual.

Here they are....

Youth Group ‘Solo Portrait’ Shots

I hope to continue with these sorts of events, and additionally in future continue with portraits more broadly, for example portraits of different ages and even street photography.

Following on from my previous blog, here is my solo portrait shots from the youth group fashion shoot.....

Youth Group ‘Group’ Shots

As mentioned before, I volunteer at New Marske youth group. I find working with kids a breath of fresh air and making fun games for them, I really enjoy.

I mentioned to Rachel, the main leader a while back, that I would like to try doing a fun fashion shoot with the kids. There are mainly girls who attend the youth cafe, all around 12 to 13 years of age.

The event went really well and managed to get my costs back and a little bit extra. It was one of the first fashion shoots I’ve done and seemed to go really well; the kids had a blast and were delighted with the images.

I asked them to complete a form, telling me which ones they would like to keep and permission to use the images for my blog/ portfolio etc.

These are the best from the best group shots from the day... (Solo portraits I’ve blogged separately.)

Sunset ‘Coaching’

Sunsets are something I’ve always wanted to try photographing and a friend of mine Simon does quite a lot of sunset photography. So I and my friends Simon and Emma met up to take pictures on Saltburn seafront. 

Ironically we had picked a day to meet near the time of summer solstice without realising. It was roughly 9 o’ clock and there were some spectacular scenes from the beach.

Simon gave me some practical advice and then we got shooting. For my first sunset images, I was really pleased with the results and feel inspired to try again in the future also.

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