Friday 16 December 2011

Ethereal Collage

I had so much fun taking these photographs because I'd abandoned my photography for a week or two and wanted to get that buzz feeling again.

We have quite a big garden but this time of year there’s not really much going on. That’s why I love macro; it takes you into another world, a miniature world! If you are ever in doubt, macro is the way forward.

These images I believe work nicely as a set, as there is an ongoing ghostly feel. I focused on a section in the garden where our chickens ‘hang out’ because there were lots of feathers and beautiful leaves on the floor.

I also used colour balance to alter and bring out some of the natural tones. The final touches on Photoshop can make all the difference. The colour palettes of lilac, white, grey etc seem quite wintery despite no snow.

Etsy Cards – Christmas

I’m so sorry I blogged these late; I’ve now taken these cards down for family purposes now. I thought I’d give you as peek to what I had designed though.

I created two sets each with their own colour palette. The first is a classic red and gold set of three as well as a Tim Burton style gothic set in purple, black and white.

Click here to view my other work on Etsy.

Christmas Cards

I have been working hard on a variety of Christmas projects this year however felt I had not spent as much time as I would have liked on cards.

Very early on I created about 10 cards specifically to put on Etsy. I left them on there for a month or two, got some hits however they never sold.  Because of this I decided to take them down and use them for family/friends purposes.

I created some smaller cards for everyday use and gave them to my mum and dad for friends/neighbours etc. I’ve blogged these cards; they are simple to keep costs down.

Plus a Birthday Card I've been working on...........

Abstract Energy Art

I was feeling in an energetic mood and wanted to portray this through some art work. I adore colour, anything bright and cheerful I am attracted too. I used full of life movements on MyPaint, transferring some of the images to Photoshop and edited on there.

I believe they work well as a series as they have similarities from using the same layers.  To create a series is quite easy, drag over some layers from image to others, move elements around and alter colours. Sometimes the subtle of differences between image to image can work well together for a series.

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