Sunday 10 October 2010


Yes I am planning ahead; I’m currently working on a Christmas card project. The plan is to make more economical cards and sell them in packs for anyone wanting to buy regular cards for neighbours/friends etc. 
In addition I will be making more luxurious cards for close friends and family. Some of these I will also be selling at my original price on £1.20 including a handmade envelope.

I like to recycle cards because I believe in making the most of my materials. I’ve put some of the cards I’ve been working on here for you to have a look!

Sunday 3 October 2010

The Arts Bank Gallery Placement – 27th and 28th Sept

I spent two days at a new gallery opened in Saltburn called the Arts Bank. I wanted to get a feel of what its liked working in a commercial gallery. I learned quite a lot from this short work experience, the location was very nice to work in and I enjoyed learning about a local business.

Day 1: On the first day of my gallery placement, I was introduced to the staff and the tasks Jenna was involved with at the Gallery.  Jenna is one of the gallery assistants, who puts out stock, serves customers and leads school visits. I worked closely with Jenna over the two days doing these types of tasks.

In the morning I stuck prices on some of the greetings cards which were going to be displayed at an art fair in Gateshead. I made refreshments for the staff, such as cups of tea. I also got the chance to display some of the new ceramics that had arrived, which I put into glass cabinets. Other task included archiving information to do with the art work, for example documenting the artist and name of the paintings in the gallery.

Day 2: The second day I continued with similar tasks and helped Jenna again. During the afternoon there was a school visit from a local secondary school. I assisted Jenna is presenting a talk for the children, taking them around key art work in the gallery!

Saturday 2 October 2010

Bentley the Bulldog

I wanted to get out again taking photographs and I had an idea to take pictures of Bentley the bulldog because he’s such a character. Bentley lives with my next door neighbour, so today I’ve went over there and asked whether I could take pictures. Luckily the sun was out so we took Bentley in our front garden (the chickens are in the back garden!). 

I’ve had so much fun taking pictures of Bentley, although he wouldn’t sit still, he’s a very energetic and fun dog! Anyway I’ve put my best pictures up here for you to have a look, I hope you like!!

Card Updates 2nd October

The Wednesday craft class has started up again after the kid’s holidays. These cards are what I’ve been experimenting with at the moment. I enjoy doing decoupage, which is where you build up an image through layers and sticky pads.
I decided to make some cards for less obvious occasions, for example remorse or get well cards. I believe it’s good to have variety so I can sell cards for different occasions.

I think next ill start making Christmas cards but I know I’ve got a couple of birthdays coming up, so I need to get busy!!

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