Saturday 27 July 2013

King Charles Spaniel and Terrier Dog Photos

I’m lucky to have many neighbours who own dogs. I always seem to be photography animals – it’s my passion. Ive photographed Alfie before – heres a previous link to some more photos.

Alfie, Crystal and Mikey are lovely dogs and very friendly. On this occasion I used a telephoto lens to really zoom into the dogs faces without them getting too excited. This seemed to work well as the shots appeared a little more natural.

I hope you like the images! Whats you’re favourite subject to photograph? Have you tried photographing dogs before?

January Snow

It didn't seem that long ago that it was snowing – now were midsummer and the weather is lush. How time flys. As you can already tell this is a late post. I thought some of the pics I had taken were worth showing though. I’m thinking maybe images for 2013 Christmas cards.

I posted one of these pics on Flickr when I had first taken it and got quite a lot of positive feedback. It’s kind of an atypical picture of snow because of the blossom tree in bloom. Hope you like my little photo share!

Do you prefer traditional photos or is your style more abstract? Let me know :)

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