Monday 26 September 2011

Messy Church – September 2011

Messy church is a kid’s arts and crafts session held at the local church. The idea is for the young kids to learn about Christianity through art.

There are about eight or so tables, each with their own activity. This time they made friendship bracelets, mug coasters, paintings and more.

I volunteer with messy church, mainly as the event photographer however I also assist with some of the activities sometimes.

The latest messy church was last Saturday. Here are the images from the day....

Vintage Fair: Portraits

This is the last of the blogs from the vintage fair. I was surprised how many portraits I got from the day as I only knew a handful of people there.

I feel inspire to take more candid shots, as I really enjoyed it at the vintage fair. Candid photography can be tricky at times.

One way to take shots unnoticed is to use a mirror, and take the reflection, so the camera isn’t directly pointing at the person.

In addition I got some shots after asking permission. I tried to capture a mixture of these two techniques.

Vintage Fair: Abstract and Other

Some of the images from this set are quite experimental and others have more of a documentary style. A few images include people but I felt they were two abstract to be put in the portrait section.

I tried incorporating ‘love’ into some of the photos because it tied in with the name ‘Love for Vintage Fair’. In this set I’ve included a love keying, this or other ‘love’ themed images could be used to advertise the next fair.

Vintage Fair: The Night Event

As part of the love for vintage fair, there was an evening event with cocktails and music. I’d been asked to take some shots of this also.

I hadn’t done a great deal of night photography so I was a bit of a newbie. Unfortunately I did not have a tripod so I produced some experimental movement photos instead.

To achieve the effect I created, I zoomed in and out on a low shutter speed. For the documentary shots I simply used flash.

Vintage Fair: Fashion

Fashion seemed to be the main focus of the event, with lots of vintage clothing, jewellery and accessory stalls. There were a couple of items that stood out to me; for example a blue prom dress and some of the brooches.

Even thought I did not buy anything, I really enjoyed taking photos of the most interesting fashion items. My most favoured fashion shot I took was the floor level shot of two pairs of shoes; I liked the effect the angle created.

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