Wednesday 11 April 2012

Pinchinthorpe & Skinningrove – Texture 2

This is the second batch of photographs I took of texture from the bank holiday trip. Nearly all this set is from Skinnygrove beach or around that area.

I tried to have a good look around near where the sheds and old boats were. I came up with many macro photo ideas, looking at decaying wood and found objects in particular.

I was in an experimental mood that day, I enjoyed working with composition and looking for beautiful textures and colours from the old painted sheds.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Pinchinthorpe & Skinningrove – Texture

This set of photographs from Easter bank holiday trip has associations with texture.  I really liked combining a variety of passions together and working with texture in my collage work influenced my photography work from the day.

There were lots of textures and possibilities for macro work around the seafront in Skinnygrove. I was lovin' just pottering around the old sheds and having a nosy in old boats.

I think out of all the themes I experimented with on the day, texture was the most fun. This was mainly because of my art background and also because of my love for macro.

Pinchinthorpe & Skinningrove – Barbed Wire

I had mentioned the unusual cattle we had seen in the ‘animal’ blog post from the Easter bank holiday outing. They had long woolly coats and hair balls got stuck on barbed wire nearby.

I got some macro shots of this as I thought it was worth capturing. I don’t think it’s entirely obvious that its hair from cattle, unless you put it into context of the cattle that were grazing nearby.

I wasn’t sure how the hair got there; I thought it might have blown into the barbed wire by the wind. Anyhow, I thought it was kind of interesting!

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