Friday 6 April 2012

My First Explore Image


I was delighted to receive a explore award on Flickr on the 12th March. I’ve included the image in the blog post so you can all have a little look at which image was chosen.

I took the image in my own garden about a couple of days before I posted it up. It’s quite an abstract image but you might be able to work out it’s of a washing line, facing up to the sky.

I got a fair few comments on the image before I was awarded it, but not masses. I don’t know a great deal about Explore, obviously I’ve only been awarded one image in explore.

I think the way they chose images is by a computer system, measuring things like view counts and comments.

Unfortunately I was pretty annoyed with Explore when they for some reason took my image of March 12th explore. I looked up on the forums why that might have happened and I found other people too have had images taken off.

I think the explore bit of Flickr constantly updates and unfortunately my image was taken off for whatever reason. I tried not to take it personally and in all fairness the selection seems quite random!!

Click here to view my Flickr page.

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