Tuesday 30 April 2013

Individual Easter Cards 2013

I had fun creating these individual Easter cards. I picked up some fantastic farm animal toppers which I used to create a range of designs. The farm animal cards are £1.00 (+P&P). They are cute and cheerful great for friends or neighbours.

I also created Easter inspired cards with flowers and dragonflies on but these are more general and can be used for other occasions too such as thank you, get well and birthday. The long thin cards start at £2.80 (+P&P)

Easter Card Packs 2013

Leading up to Easter this year I developed a range of budget Easter card packs selling at £2.50 per three pack.

Each pack ranges in style and colour so there is something for everyone. Many of these cards have already been sold but I thought I would blog them to give readers an idea of some of the budget packs I’ve been producing recently.

Each pack comes with envelopes. They are packaged in a cello bag to keep cards in good condition. I cater for other holidays in the same format for example I’ve done packs of cards for birthdays, Christmas etc.

Email Helen@helencapstick.com for custom packs, custom individual cards orders or if you have any general enquiries.

Sunday 28 April 2013

Mothers Day Cards | 2013

I got a lot of interest in my mother’s day cards this year, selling through word of mouth and a shop I'd set up in my front window.

I found I made a lot of sales through last minute purchases and people who didn't want to drive into town for a bought card.

My cards add a personal touch and each card is a one off making it extra special.

Valentine’s Day Cards | 2013

Here is a selection of valentines cards I made to sell. I used a mixture of materials such as toppers, recycled cards and peel offs.

I've started developing a shop window at the front of my house and each time a celebrated holiday comes along I advertise my cards in this way.

I also included a selection of my photography cards with images of flowers etc. These were very popular and I will blog these photo cards in a separate post.

Wednesday 17 April 2013

Romantic Card Selection | Sold backlog

These have been sold on as personalised made to order cards. This means they have specified a particular colour or design as well as a specific message or thought behind the card.

Please inbox me at helen@helencapstick.com if you would like a made to order card. Paypal excepted and the card can be sent through the post.

Premium Gold Birthday Card | Sold backlog

This card was made with extra special time and care. These kinds of box cards are perfect for an extra special occasion.

Birthday Cards | Sold backlog

This is just another batch of cards that accumulated from last year. Mostly these cards have been sold.

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