Saturday 31 March 2012

Etsy New Digital Cards – March Update 2

Continuing from my previous blog post, I have an extra item that I’ve added to my Etsy page. It’s one digital card on its own for sale at £2.60.

I will be adding different packs to suit a variety of budgets. I will add more single cards so people can try buying from my page that are new to Etsy.

I also take requests if you have a specific idea or style of card you would like to buy. I’m open to ideas and feedback! :) 

Etsy New Digital Cards – March Update

I’ve added some more items on my Etsy page. After being asked to make some digital cards with my art work on, I’ve developed this idea much further. 

I’m hoping to continue adding more digital cards to my Etsy page. They are more cost effective and really stylish. I love being able to combine my art with my love for making cards.

If you are interested in buying some cards, please either email me or visit my Etsy page.

Bentley the Bulldog

Since 2010 when I last photographed Bentley I have been working on pet portraiture and developing it as a idea for a business.

Bentley is one of my favourite subjects to photograph because he has such as charismatic face.

I decided to have another shoot with Bentley a couple of weeks ago. He was lots of fun to work with, and a little calmer than he was back in 2010.

I’m looking for new pets to photograph, if you would like some new photographs of your dog, cat, horse etc please contact me for more details.

Washing line and more.

On a lovely sunny day, I went for a wander around my garden and said hello to my pet chickens. I think chickens make lovely subject matters in photography.

I think the chickens quite enjoy having there photograph taken, or at least they are very intrigued by the click click clicking.

I think knowing your subject can play a huge part in how your photography comes out on screen. My best photography is often taken of things I have a passion for or know quite a lot about.

These shots were just taken for fun, but the washing line image, I took while shooting from the ground upwards, won an explore award on Flickr! Look out for a more detailed blog post of this very soon!

Chickens Mainly.

Here are some new pictures I’ve been taking of mainly my chickens in the garden. There are some strong Easter themes in this blog post, chickens, daffodils and that sort of thing.

I experimented a little with grey tones. I achieved this effect on Photoshop by creating a custom photo filter in a grey colour. I don’t generally tend to do a lot of obvious Photoshop editing, I like the o naturale.

Despite this I’m favouring using the filter, to create a look, which is slightly monochrome but with a hint of colour. Let me know what you think!

Thursday 15 March 2012

Messy Church March 2012 – People Mystery

I find working as an event photographer at messy church a fun and challenging experience. As part of the brief, it is necessary to delivery photographs which portray the event without obviously giving away young children’s identity.

Although I do shoot traditional portraits at messy church, these are not used by me for my blog or any other online use. This gives me inspiration to treat it a creative problem and come up with alternative ideas. Often the photos are more original and exciting by doing this.

Some of the photographs included in this blog post have quite a vintage style to them. I did minimum Photoshop work on these but I think the attire or the people in these shots give an old fashioned look. I think the colour palette also gives this impression.

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