Thursday 12 July 2012

Danby – Horses

I have a love for horses and luckily the owners where we stayed kept them. There was a quite a leap in quality of horse shots from last year to this year. I believe I have improved a fair bit but also my new camera with a telephoto zoom lens made it a lot easier to zoom up close to the horses.

This was probably the most photographed subject I had chosen to take, mainly because of my passion for horses but also there were very accessible from where we were staying.

Danby – Abstract

This series of photographs were inspired by an artist and a friend I made on Flickr.  I liked the minimal and abstract quality to these. These are my most experimental shots from the holiday, which kind of had arisen through the bad weather, therefore were taken inside the cottage.

Danby – Inside

As mentioned on my first Danby holl blog post, we only missed some of the rain, the last two days of our visit the rain was terrible. I was kind of bored stuck inside so decided to get a little creative with my camera.

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