Tuesday 4 June 2013

‘For The Love of Vintage’ Fair | Pastels P2

I had taken quite a few of a washing line with different things draping off them. I loved the blue undertones to the final images and the reproduction of the same peg going across the image.

‘For The Love of Vintage’ Fair | Pastels P1

Most of the pastel series from the Vintage Fair was based on one or two stalls in particular. Also they were the most photogenic stalls in my opinion and not to mention great for anyone who loves pink like me.

‘For The Love of Vintage’ Fair | Toys

Looking through the vintage toys was lots of fun. I found quite a few interesting pieces and felt quite nostalgic. The toys also made interesting topics to photograph.

‘For The Love of Vintage’ Fair | Light/Other


There was a beautiful lamp which I found really interesting to photograph. As a photo I liked the look of the monochrome in particular. I also liked the detailing such as the jewels.


I photographed a silver photo frame next to a mirror. The colour palette was red and silver. This seemed to work well and was one of my favourite photos I had taken on the day.

‘For The Love of Vintage’ Fair | Outside/clothing/jewellery


If are lucky enough to live around the Saltburn area you should pop into the vintage fair at the Saltburn Arts Village Hall. The ‘For The Love of Vintage’ Fair have a facebook page.

I've been to the Vintage fair a couple of times now and they've started booking in a fair once a month which I think is excellent. I found the fair to be friendly and there was a great choice of vintage goods.


Ive orgnaised my photos from the day into sections to make them a little more mangable to look through. My favourite thing to browse was the clothing and jewellery. I always like a good rummage and come away with lots of new ideas.

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