Thursday 27 January 2011

Lots More Cards!

I’ve been making loads of cards recently, I guess I’ve just been in the right mood, I’m like some kind of card making machine! It’s nice to be making cards that are NOT Christmas cards!!
I’ve been experimenting with punches, peel offs and stamps. Someone gave me some stencils also and I’ve been using them up; mostly heart and oval stencils, I never knew they could be so useful!

I also bought some scrapbooking patterned paper which I scanned in and printed out for the use of my cards. The effect of patterned paper seemed to work really well. I also did some collage too!

I aim to make some photography cards soon because I’m hoping to sell them on to galleries and it’s a perfect way to advertise my artwork!

Here are the cards I’ve been making in the last week or so......

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