Monday, 12 August 2013

York March | Buses

My fascination with buses never stops. I used to travel daily on the bus to university and got to experience the public transport experience. 

In fact I spent over two hours every day on the bus which is rather a long time. Unlike many people I actually liked it, it was a time to switch off and listen to my ipod.

The thing I didn’t like about buses (well buses to Uni!) was carrying all my books and portfolio as this was rather stressful. 

But generally I like not having to think too much, you just get on a bus and relax till you reach your destination. 

It’s kind of cool to people watch too. I remember doing a mini photography project on buses and my experiences came through into the images I had taken. 

These days I don’t get the bus as often mainly as I’ve got a driving licence. Heres a few pics of buses had taken while in York. My favourite of the bunch is the one of the stop button purely because of the short dept of field and the cool blurred effect creating an atmospheric feel.

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