Monday 12 August 2013

York March | Animals

I’ve always been interested in animals. I mostly like dogs and horses but like lots of other kinds too. After a photography trip I always seem to have at least a few photos of either a dog or some other kind of animal I’ve seen.

I know birds are quite popular to photograph. I know a few wildlife photographers who have these amazing telephoto lens and zoom right in. On this occasion in York I had my standard portrait lens. At times this makes photographing animals a little more challenging.

Surprisingly I captured a couple of ducks, a little random I know. There were some really tame (and rather cheeky ducks!) in the centre of York. I think they were after pieces of bread.

I like the challenge of picking a certain lens when I’m out rather than swapping between multiple lens – I don’t like that! I always decide on a lens beforehand.

I kind of cheated in the themed blog post as many of the animal shots are not living, instead toys, sculptures or signs etc.

My favourite shot from the bunch was one of a lovely brown poodle. I got quite close in this one and luckily it was super friendly. When taking dog pics it’s always important to crouch down at the dog’s eye level. It did this is in this shot. The technique works well in any kind of animal shot really. 

Hope you like the pics! Have you ever dabbled with wildlife photography? My fav animal to photograph is dogs, whats yours?

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