Tuesday, 17 January 2012

A day out in Saltburn – It was very cold!

It was lovely to start the year off with a photography session on the beach. Despite the conditions being very cold, many people braved the weather for Saltburn fish and chips and a walk long the pier.

I believe this the photo of people in hats and scarfs’, queuing is quite iconic of Saltburn beach life, and it just proves what a great place it is to visit, even in winter.

Two of the beach photographs I took, work quite nicely as a series of two. Both with fairly similar framing, I blurred out one so that I would achieve a bokeh effect of the little girls Kite. The one in focus, I concentrated on composition and shadows created by the sun.

In addition on another photo, I altered a classic shot of the cliff and beach by including walkers on the beach. Also the lighting was quite low creating lovely shadows.

Behind the scenes from our day out - Here is Emma and Simon changing lenses on Simon’s camera!

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