Friday, 22 February 2013

Cold weather Saltburn | Other

This series is the first of many from a trip to Saltburn in January. I remember it being bitterly cold but we persevered and produced some lovely shots. Are first stop was the tractors on the seafront, we then walked through the gardens, up the steps and into the centre.

I got chatting to a fellow photographer by the tractors and we talked about how the tractors made a lovely framing device for landscape shots. We bumped into a few people we knew. We saw a couple of folk in the restaurant/bar on the seafront. I think people were huddling inside because of the freezing weather.

This group of shots includes all the photos that didn’t really fit into any other category. My favourite from the bunch is the one of the chain fence as it looks quite eye-catching with the bright white as a monochrome.  

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