Wednesday 4 May 2011

Sunderland and Hartlepool Trip

The photographs I took from this photographic trip were quite unexpected; the weather was bleak and foggy and this made me think out of the box. In the past I haven’t done a lot of work in fog, but there are a couple of fog photos that I am really pleased with.
Another story from the day; I spotted a New York style yellow taxi and was taking some close up pictures of it when I accidently set the car alarm off! Luckily the alarm stopped by itself!

While on Hartlepool sea front, we passed a small paddling pool with steps going across. I believe this was a great photographic subject because of the reflections in the water and the steps were very geometric.

I went with friends and we went to a pretty little cafe for our lunch. We stopped by a lovely little gallery which had an exhibition on shoes; I enjoyed this because there were lots of handmade shoes!

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