Thursday 5 May 2011

The Magic Garden – Visiting My Neighbour’s Fabulous Garden

I have been looking for new photographic projects and just recently I have been exploring ways to photograph animals in their habitat as well as pets (and there owners!)
Often interesting subjects can be closer than you think. This week I visited my neighbours to take photos of their pets. Angie and Dave have a rabbit, a hamster, loads of dogs, lots of fish; a cat...the list goes on.

I’d never been round there house before, but I was very impressed with their garden. It was very pretty and had a little bit of an oriental style to it, with water features bridges and beautiful flowers.

The garden was very scenic, and enjoyed shooting the fish, the reflections in the water was also an interesting element to the photos I took.

I got some photos of candy there cat, although at first candy was a little shy. Candy had bright green eyes and liked wandering around the pond.

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