Thursday, 9 August 2012

Saltburn Art Fair | People and Animals General

I enjoyed the cliff lift; the lighting was quite dark inside and therefore made some interesting silhouette themed photos. There was a series of shots I had taken of my friend, and I liked how the light hit the side of her face. The background shows the pier quite well and it’s evident that the shot was taken in Saltburn.

The cliff lift had been refurbished with beautiful stain glass windows, this was lovely to photograph. Using this as backdrop, I photographed a friend while we were in the cliff lift. I was pleased with the results both in colour and monochrome.

I included a series of unconventional shots of a Labrador. I only had a couple of minutes with the dog, as their owners were walking past. They were happy to help however and the dog was lovely. Unfortunately it wouldn’t sit still; but I kept shooting anyway and came up with some fun shots.

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