Sunday, 26 June 2011

Pink Paparazzi – Inspired art project

One of my favourite forms of medium, when creating art work is collage.  I enjoy cutting snip-it’s from different magazines and editing, making them my own cool, bright collage images.

This project theme consisted of beauty and celebrity magazines; I found a particularly inspiring image of Cheryl Cole, being bombarded by paparazzi. I decided to incorporate ideas from this article into my art work.

I put my own signature style onto the images, for example, I used bright day-glow colours and one of my favourite Photoshop functions, blending modes. I use ‘multiply’ quite often because it allows you to blend a number of images together through the use of layers.

As always my images are available on flickr and my professional facebook page, please write to me, if you have a question or comment ; )

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