Saturday, 18 June 2011

Meeting Keith Moss and his team

Keith Moss, a photographer, well known in my area had a photography fashion shoot workshop as part of the exhibitionist’s event.

This year was the first of the exhibitionist’s event; there were lots of events happening over a weekend, involving artists and photographers of all backgrounds.

I was delighted to meet Keith and his team and the workshop was really enlightening and fun to be part of. He showed the audience, the equipment he uses and gave us tips and tricks.

Keith asked for volunteers to have a go with his camera (an extremely expensive kind I must add!) I was the only one who volunteered despite worrying I would drop his amazing (and heavy) camera. Luckily I got some great black and white portraiture shots and got chatting to the team also.

After going to the fashion shoot workshop, I became inspired to produce some more of my own fashion themed photographs, I’m want to develop my portfolio in this area and hope that I might gain some additional experience with Keith and his team in the summer!

These are my shots from the workshop...

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