Monday, 13 September 2010

Placement with Discovery Photography!

31st August, 2nd and 3rd of September 2010.

I’ve had a short term photography placement and wanted to go into the kind of things I did while I was there.  The placement was a valuable experience and learned lots from the people I met while I was there!

Day 1: On the first day we were at Be All You Can located in the Saltburn/Skelton area. It is in quite a remote but Be All You Can is a lovely place, with other opportunities I will go into on another occasion!

My first task was to print and organise contact sheets. For those of you who don’t know what a contact sheet is, I will explain. A contact sheet is a function on Photoshop, where images are placed as thumbnails on an A4 pages. 

Soon after that we met up with Gilly, the makeup artist for the company. It was interesting to meet and talk to her. She mentioned some of the clients she had worked for also. We briefly stopped by Guisborough gallery, where Stuart has had his work displayed, to have a look round. While in Guisborough we went up to the priory to take pictures. Stuart gave me some photography advice, including camera set up and function/modes.

Day 2: During the morning we met up with the computing lecturer at Teesside University. His name is Dave; he is good friends with Stuart. Stuart wanted to look around the Uni for possible location shots for his fashion shots. Some of the newer buildings were interesting architecturally and it gave me some inspiration to be more creative with location shots.  

While we were there Dave introduced us to another computing lecturer who was involved in motion capture. For anyone who doesn’t know what this is, it is where you put a special suit on, with motion capture sensors and the image comes up electronically on the computer. Learning a bit about this was fun too!

We drove to Skinningrove in the afternoon, to meet up with one of Stuarts Students. I enjoyed taking some pictures also, I used Stuarts camera, which was specifically set up for landscape shots. We were really lucky with the weather that afternoon, the lighting was great too. Ideas for shots included the cliff, the sheds and the rocks. I also was luckily enough to capture a fishing boat coming to shore.

Day 3: This day we had a look round the Art Bank Gallery in Saltburn. I was pleased we managed to have a look in, because I had wanted to go see it for a while. I was very inspired by some of the work. We talked to a young and talented artist, who was exhibiting some fantastic work! After visiting the Arts Bank gallery, I became more interested in the opportunities there.

After visiting the gallery, we went back to the Be All You Can studio. We had a look to see how my Skinningrove landscape shots turned out. I was pretty pleased with them, although Stuart made a few suggestions about composition and lighting.

Later we went to the Danby Moors Centre to meet up with Stuart’s work associate; this was to discuss a moving image project Stuart had been working on. I got the chance to show her my portfolio and have a chat about if there may be any opportunities I could get involved with also. The meeting went well and I came out with lots of ideas.  Ideas included workshops, working with the kid’s activities, and a combined exhibition in a smaller space.
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