Friday, 24 September 2010

Creative workshops inspiration from another blog -

I found this blog (book-by-its-cover) though web surfing. I stumbled across an interesting article that I thought was rather cool. They had documented a craft session located in New York City Library, Manhattan. I enjoyed looking at the pictures; they are so fun and creative.

Through my Graphic Design degree, I have done some similar workshops like this and I’ve gained much inspiration from them. I think being creative can often be about letting go and not worrying about appearing stupid.

A couple of examples of my own experiences include, drawing with my eyes closed, making an invention in a team working exercise and also games I’ve personally come up with for themed birthday parties such as designing a fashion accessory or decorating a chocolate plaque!

I’m hoping to get on a placement with the BBC to create and organise creative workshops for youths so started doing a little research on what sort of similar events have been going on! Please let me know of your experiences with creative workshops/activities or general related ideas! 

Click here to visit this blog and find out more!

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