Saturday, 10 September 2011

Newcastle – Wind and Weather

During my trip to Newcastle, the weather was quite wild. It was very windy, particularly while crossing the Millennium Bridge.

I always like to accommodate weather into my photography but I hadn’t done much work in the wind before therefore thought it was a perfect moment to give it a go!

My favourite ‘Wind’ shot was taken on the Millennium Bridge, took of a women wearing a checked poncho. I didn’t get her face in however got the wind blowing her poncho about. I think it’s a fun shot!

Not only was it windy, but it was pretty cold too. We bumped into two girls who were dressed up in fruit costumes, looking very cold.

They must have been advertising something, I wasn’t completely sure what they were doing. However, they seemed fun and we asked to take pictures of them. The results are quite comical.

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