Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Profile Photography Gallery Placement

Last week I was working with a local gallery called Profile, based in Saltburn. I was there for a week, producing documentary style photographs, to advertise the gallery as well as improving my skills and getting feedback on my work.

In addition I was helping out in the gallery and cafe. Tasks I did include, backing up files, helping to take down and put up exhibitions, washing up and other tasks in the kitchen, organising recycling etc.

From my week at profile, I feel more aware of how a gallery in run, how exhibitions are set up and the kind of events that runs in a gallery. I enjoyed talking to the other staff, customers and exhibiters.

My favourite part of the placement was doing the photography project. This was one of the main focuses of the week and I benefited a lot from the feedback I received and my skills really developed from the experience.

In addition I was invited to a photography taster course, run at profile on an evening. The course was run by a man called Stuart.

I found the class useful and informative. It was nice to test out some of the other functions on my camera, I don’t normally tend to use. We specifically learnt about panning and shutter speed. I enjoyed the taster course, and came out feeling quite inspired!

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